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q: i am going to give breastfeeding my best shot- what pump do you use or suggest as i will be going back to work soon?

a: i can only vouch for the one i own and i LOVE it- it’s Medela brand, of course!  i’m  super satisfied with my purchase, and that lifetime warranty helps me sleep better at night.

Medela Pump in Style - Backpack Model

 i was using an older Meleda model pump (family hand-me-down) that broke on me after about 4 months or so, bummer.  i hadn’t done any research on pumps and i needed one ASAP, so i went and got a rental from Walgreens for 60 bucks in the meantime.  i took a month and scaled through online product reviews  and got some advice from my mommy friends.  my top priorities were dual pump, durable, fast, and light.  after lugging that giant rental pump around, i soooo appreciate the discreet size and style of the model i chose.  consider your own situation and preferences before buying:

  how often will you need to pump?

are you a stay-at-home mom, or working mom? full or part-time?

price range?





  i planned to b-feed for over a year, i’m half in the office and half out, and my little guy will have plenty of siblings;)  this was the one.

the motor/suction thing is in the bottom compartment. just connect the tubes to the bottles, plug it up (if you don’t have batteries of course) and pump.

in the top compartment, there’s room for the pumping bottles as well as a little cooler (ice pack included) to store the milk until you get it to the freezer or fridge. convenient. yes.  there is a tote bag style available too, but i chose the backpack cause it keeps my arms free.

so, what can this puppy do?  well, anything over 15oz (in an 8 hr period) is a great day in the dairy dept. for me.

i pump 2-3 times (11am, 2pm, 5pm) throughout my work day. that dual pump gets me in and out after about 10 minutes each time. amazing.


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  1. Okay this is my type of post 🙂 I have the tote style and I love it so much Meleda is the best and the only expense is storage bags and pads for me. You should see my freezer i have a stockade of milk and the great thing about it it lasts up to a year. She feeds off the breast when she wakes up a 4:45am until she gets froggy and wants to start biting then no more skin on skin. I pump two times before i go to work and i pump at work and yes 10 minutes top i so love it. When get home a pump then before i go to sleep one last pump and i get about 5 5 ounce bottles a day. I was so scared from all the nay sayers around me and even after going to the breast feeding class , i was like i dont think i can do this and i made up my mind not too and then i went to the doctor and began talking with the nurse and she said just do it and i that point i realized that was my angel speaking to me. I love it its nothing to it, its like brushing me teeth and the best decision i have ever made. I wish they sold the storage bags in bulk my only complaint lol


    • lol @ getting froggy- the biting is all too familiar and my baby doesn’t even have teeth yet, smh!! anyway, i was the same way, La Saunta- it seemed SO overwhelming to me in the beginning but I was determined to get it and stick with it. once you get that routine down you are good! and yeah if we could get those storage bags in bulk that would be great, agreed.


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