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6 days to go

6 days to go until my 10k and how about i didn’t run AT ALL last week.  i am the worst when it comes to training for my races, goodness.  it rained all day friday and saturday, but sunday we woke up to the exact opposite.  i got suited up and did my 7 miles- so glad that’s over with.

i need to invest in one of those arm band thingies for my ipod.  i always feel like it’s going to drop but it hasn’t yet.  i got my hair permed thursday, so after two days off lol, it’s time to sweat.  i did the best i could and wrapped it before my run. i sweat in my head and there is really nothing i can do about that:(

leaving my head uncovered and pinning my hair down so my head can breathe has been working for me so far.

i wear the headband to help my headphones/ear plugs (whatever they are called ) stay put.  when i get sweaty, they tend to pop out and mess up my run flow.

however it does a number on my edges. sigh…i’ll find a solution to this someday.  what do you do with you hair when you exercise? advice please!

anyway here are some trainings:

5K – quick

5K – long term

10K – quick

10K – long term

you get a free jar of HEB’s holy pasole when you buy the tortilla soup.  so i had two jars waiting to be used.  we have company coming over a little later so i made another one of their featured recipes:

i did healthify this up as best i could- i used 93/7% lean ground turkey, only 1 package of corn bread, and 1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese.

there was plenty of corn bread to cover the top btw…didn’t miss it.  ok i did miss it.  man i love cornbread.

done after 20-25 min.

aaaaaaaaand we’re off to another 1st birthday party- they’ll be plenty of those coming up this year including our little guy’s big day!!


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  1. When I was relaxed, I pretty much did the same thing. I just made sure it was wrapped (very smooth and even all the way around) and pinned (I suggest the long bobby pins if they still make those, haven’t seen them except in my mom’s drawer for years or long clips to catch all the short hairs) really well and then when I was done working out, I would let it air dry completely while still wrapped before I took it down.


  2. Love, LOVE your blog! So many amazing recipes that I can’t wait to try. The fact that everything is healthy and yet you still manage to make sure it has FLAVOR is every conscious food lovers dream! Would you happen to have an awesome recipe for spinach dip?

    Ps. Good luck on your 10K!


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