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wake up and run

my 2nd 5k of the year is over and done!  i love running early in the morning and getting it out of the way before the rest of the world wakes up.  i had a handful of almonds and blueberries about an hr before go time. my camera died just as i was heading out, so i had to leave it:( cell phone cam to the rescue.

the weather was pretty icky- it was darn near misting when the race began.   however, it was pretty fair and clear by the time i ran and finished my post race snacks.

i finished around 25 min or so this time- not as hard to do as i expected. i don’t ever get in the very front at the start line, but i try my best not to get in the very back.  having to weave in, out, and around the walkers or not so fast runners really hinders my finishing time.

yes, that’s pizza! heck of a post race snack, huh. however it was my motivation for running this 5k in the first place. free papa johns. hello.  i did pick up some heathy goodies before i left though. see.

after that, i headed back towards my side of town to hit the gym in time for an hr long weights class.

gumbo, spaghetti, bacon wrapped sausage, salad

we had company coming by later on, so i stopped by HEB on my way home to get a few samples things. they get extra crazy with the free stuff on the weekends- i arrived at the perfect time. lunch time! i mean really, this is a SAMPLE. gaaaaah i love this store.——->

i left HEB with a full stomach and a full basket. as usual. headed home for a nap before a little entertaining.

soooo have you signed up for that  race you were talking about running yet?


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